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Mission Statement

The mission of the Prairie Preservation Society of Ogle County is to preserve and protect high quality natural areas with an emphasis on prairies; to educate the public about the values of natural areas and inform them about existing prairies; to alert the public to the importance of preserving prairies; to encourage prairie restoration by individuals, groups and educators; and to assist adult leaders and teachers to develop ways to educate students and life-long learners about our Illinois Heritage.


Current Upcoming Events

Spring Banquet April 28, 2019


Sand Ridge Prairie Butterfly Report

Prepared November 2018 by Dr.  Wayne E. Schennum


History of the PPSOC

The Prairie Preservation Society of Ogle County (PPSOC) began as a bicentennial organization.  Since then, it has continued to provide information and education information and education to the public to protect and preserve native landscapes.

The PPSOC owns the 83 acre Sand Ridge Prairie and the 11 acre Douglas E. Wade Prairie, a virgin dry prairie.  It formerly co-owned with the Northwest Audubon Society the Elkhorn Creek Biodiversity Preserve, a 43 acre mix of prairie remnants, woodlands, fields and sedge meadows.  Work days, where members of the public are welcome to attend, are held at these and other sites throughout the year.

Members serve as stewards for  the Clear Creek Unit of Nachusa Grasslands, and Pine Rock Nature Preserve.  Visitors are welcome to visit these protected areas, and several field trips are scheduled each year to tour these sites.

Ogle County has not and does not have a taxing district for forest preserves or nature preserves.  The PPSOC has served to fill the void for nature preserves, and allowed the public natural areas to study, walk through and appreciate.

The PPSOC holds monthly board meetings from September through May.  Officers are elected at the annual membership meeting in November.  In March the board meeting is replaced by a public meeting.   The annual banquet is held in April.  All three of these public meetings offer special programs which have experts presenting on prairie related topics.


Do you believe in protecting the world our children will inherit?  Do you support the need to maintain the diversity of native plants?  Do you enjoy an afternoon outing on an open prairie?  If you answered "yes" to any of the above, would you join us and become a member of the PPSOC?

As a member you will receive our bi-annual newsletter that includes schedules of prairie activities and meetings, updates on the prairies that the Society stewards, book reviews and information on new management techniques, invasive species and many more prairie topics.

If you have any further inquires you may send them to PPSOC, P.O. Box #86, Oregon, IL 61061 or email us at ppsoc.org@gmail.com.  We will try to address them in a timely fashion.


Please check back for updates.

When you visit please take only pictures, leave only footprints...


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