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Thirty Years of PPSOC Banquets

1.  May 17, 1976, Lorado Taft Field Campus, Vivian Maxson and Tim Keller slide shows.

2,  1977 Dr. Robert Betz

3.  1978  Roger Gustafson

4.  May 11, 1979, Lorado Taft, Lynn Stone, naturalist and photographer from Big Rock , His talk...will reveal the plant and animal life and beauty of prairies.

5.  May 9, 1980, Lorado Taft, $6.00,

6.  April 27, 1981, $6.50, Stronghold Center, Lydia Meyer, Natural   Land Institute, “The Precious Few,” what is happening in Illinois to preserve and manage natural areas.

7.  April 14, 1982, $7.00, Stronghold, Don Pretzsch, Princeton, IL, Bureau Soil and Water Conservation District, an active prairie restorer.

8.  April 13, 1982, $7.00, Stronghold, Randy Nyboer, Natural Heritage Biologist, illustrated talk “Managing Illinois Prairies, or How to Be a Successful Arsonist.”

9.  1983

10.  April 11, 1984, $7.00, Stronghold,

11.  April 10, 1985 (Ten Anniversary Banquet), $7.00, Stronghold, Floyd Swink, The Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL, “Prairies as Plant Communities.”

12.  April 9, 1986, $7.00, Stronghold, Ron Panzer, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Insects of the prairie.

13.  April 8, 1987, $7.50, Stronghold, Wayne Pauley, naturalist with Dane County, (Wisconsin) Park District, “Folklore of Midwest Prairies.”

14.  April 13, 1988, $7.50, Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center, Lorrie Otto, “The American Woman’s Garden” describing her natural prairie garden and her philosophy in putting it together.

15.  March 22, 1989, $7.50, LOMC, Steve Packard, Director of Science and Stewardship for the Illinois Nature Conservancy, “Nachusa Grassland and Beyond: The New Goals and Strategies of the Nature Conservancy.

16.  April 17, 1990, $8.00, LOMC, Wayne E. Schennum, Natural Resources Manager of the McHenry County Conservation District , “Prairie Wetlands: Last Bastions of Ecological Diversity in the Fox River Valley.”

17.  April 9, 1991, LOMC, Chris Bronny, naturalist for Byron Forest Preserve District, will discuss the phenology, ecology, restoration and management of prairies in his experience.**off two years in banquet count

18.  April 23, 1992, LOMC, Jay Friberg, PPSOC President, informal narrative and slides based on his 4-year exploration of Ogle County flora as a Norther Illinois University graduate student.**past tense in newsletter

19.  April 15, 1993, $10.00, LOMC, Ray Schulenberg, retired from Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois, “The Potawatomi and their Neighbors.

20.  1994

21.  April 4, 1995, $10.00, LOMC, Dr. Michael Jeffords, Illinois Natural History Survey, Champaign, He has been photographing and writing about the Illinois landscape for nearly twenty years.

22.  April 9, 1996, $10.00, LOMC, John Taft, Illinois Natural History Survey, “Post-Fire Effects in Open Oak Woodland Communities.”

23.  April 15, 1997, $10.00, LOMC, Perle Olsson, “Passion in Your Garden,” She restored her woodland and converted much Kentucky bluegrass lawn into a garden composed of native prairie plants.

24.  April 14, 1998, $10.00, LOMC, Gerould Wilhelm, co-author of Plants of the Chicago Region, “What is Restoration and Why Is it Important?”

25.  April 13, 1999, $12.00, LOMC, John Schwegman, retired Plant Conservation Program manager for Illinois Department of Natural Resources, “The Natural Divisions of Illinois and Exotic Weeds that Threaten their Biota.”

26.  2000, Lorado Taft

27.  April 6, 2001, Lorado Taft, Dietrich Schaaf, Director of Education at the International Crane Foundation, speak on efforts to establish a second migratory flock of endangered whooping cranes.

28.  April 5, 2002, Taft, Dr. Dan Wenny, Avian Ecologist with Illinois Natural History Survey, “Grassland Birds at Lost Mound: Recent Trends and Future Prospects.”

29.  April 6, 2003, Taft, Todd Bittner, District Natural Heritage Biologist for Illinois Department of Natural Resources, “Landscape-Scale Prairie and Wetland Restoration at Green River State Wildlife Area.”

30.  April 18, 2004, Taft, Jack Pizzo, Pizzo and Associates Ecological Restoration, program on natural area restoration.


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